Inflatable shirt from Water Safety Wear


The inflatable Rashie is a close fitting shirt that is designed to be used in water or where it is frequently wet. The shirt is ideal for all waterspouts where protection or buoyancy is required. The floating rashie is a “ must “ for anyone who loves to swim , kitesurf , windsurf, bodysurf , bodyboard, waterski and canoe.

drijfvest voor watersporters en kitesurfers
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Wear the Rashie on top of your wetsuit or without a wetsuit.

Therefore : a HERO Rashie from   Water Safety Wear.


drijfvest voor windsurfers
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Simlpy wear the Rashie on top of your impact jacket.

Therefore : a HERO Rashie from Water Safety Wear.


drijfvest voor alle watersporters
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While practicing other watersports such as sailing, wavesurfing , jet skiing etc. wear a floating jacket.

 Therefore: a HERO Rashie from Water Safety Wear.

Our product

We have developed a unique product that can safe the lifes of many people who practice watersports.


It is very important that the HERO Rashie can be inflated automatically in case of emergency but that it does not get in the the way while kitesurfing – windsurfing etc. and while practicing other watersports. Not even when you wear a “ harnas “ while kitesurfing !!!      



Why the rashie from Water Safety Wear


You know you can have fun the safe way if you wear the Rashie from Hero.

The Rashie also provides you with the knowledge that you are able to float in case of emergency, it also protects you from hypothermia. The double layer of lycra  protects you from damaging U.V. The embedded waistband keeps the jacket in place in all conditions. It does not absorb water , does not crawl on and will stay in place , even in dangerous conditions.



The Rashie was designed for maximum support and comfort.

It does not get in your way while moving and feels comfortable. It is lined to prevend the skin from scraping and itching. The patented zipper makes it easy to attract on or off.


For everyone

The floating jacket from Water Safety Wear is suitable for everyone , both young and not so young .

How it works

Drijfvest voor watersporters en kitesurfers

All Hero inflatable Rashies come with manual or automatic inflators and has a manual inflation tubes as a failsafe backup. With the Hero inflatable Rashie the user is able to manually inflate the shirt through the backup tube to give added buoyancy. this feature is particularly use full in situations like: learning swimming and snorkeling.

The Hero Rashie from water safety wear is fitted with a manually activated inflation system as it is designed primarily for use in water.


 Care instructions !!!